Jun 23

So I’ve been sidetracked into the world so building guitar distortion pedals.
I’ve realised you can make a basic fuzz pedal sacrificing parts from a C64. A broken C64 of course! Not all the parts are there (pots for example), but there are enough to rock out with.

Here’s a casing that I whipped up for V1.

C6Fuzz V1!

Once it’s tested and tweaked I’ll post the schematic.

I’m sure there are plenty more ways to implement interesting effects with the internals of a C64. If only I had time to explore them! Perhaps later.

Nice one

Jun 8

I have some quotes back from manufacturers for the shell prototype for one device. Just need to make some modifications for strength. Once the prototype is complete I will then be able to reveal something.

Won’t that be cool? ;)

In the meantime, here are some designs for 64 labelling for either the original silver or 1,000,000 gold edition C64. They come out pretty sweet on either silver or gold metallic paper.

1,000,000 design

1,000,000 design

Silver Design

Silver Design

May 19

This blog was meant as a running commentary on what I am up to with a few projects. Well it turns out proper manufacturing is slower and more expensive than I expected!

Lowering my sights, I’ll be including run-of-the-mill stuff too to keep up frequency. Aiming for weekly.

Here’s something I finished a couple of months ago. And yes it works. I’ve taken photographs for the how-to guide, so when that’s finished I’ll post that up also.

Key-64a #1Key-64a #2
Key-64a #3Key-64a #4
Key-64a #5Key-64a #6

It runs Cynthcart, has a 1/4″ jack output and the slide pots in the neck modulate the sound.


Jan 13

Hey, thanks for your curiosity. So what is this? The “re” in the URL comes from something like:


I’ve had some cool ideas for new “products”, and I’d like this site to be a hub for them. I’ll keep this blog up to date with my progress on product development, and anything else that fits the vibe. Please sign up with your email on the right, or just subscribe to the RSS. I won’t “announce” anything (like “hey do you want one of these I just thought of something”) in terms of that I can’t back up, or you won’t be able to get your hands on or get involved with. Well I will try.

Nothing more disappointing than some dude on the internet blabbing about the next cool thing that probably won’t happen.

Like the A-team movie.


P.S. I’m continuing with my modding (random pics of these to the right) to help fund manufacturing costs. If anyone would like one please hit me up: modsre-64.com .