Dec 30

Here’s one I call the Mini-Breadbin. Complete with the traditional dusty keys with yellowed letters!

The paint is available at Halfords called “Ford Tuscan Beige”. It’s a little er… beiger than the normal breadbin. The previous “Mashup Wedge Edition used a lighter shade.

This one is the standard mono, with the standard DIN output. The jack output and input are superfluous really. The switches turn on the pots, so it can be used as a standard C64. I’ll be putting this up on ebay when I get around to it (along with a bunch of other stuff). If anyone would like to buy it before I do that and save me some hassle then I’m open to offers!
I’ll even make a custom underside label with the machine name of your choice. Email info [aaaat]

[Extra tech update - I've upgraded WordPress, which has fixed it so you should now be able to add the feed XML to your Firefox bookmarks toolbar dropdown thing. Cool.]

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  • Pat (Facebook Emoticons) Said on January 18th, 2010 at 9 pm:

    Good! Thanks for this! I found this site from Google, I’ve already bookmarked this site. Thank you!

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