Oct 17

I made a couple of these, as part of my drive to reduce the number of C64C shells I have scattered around.

Check it out:

I’ll be putting this up for sale later. Lots of units in progress at the moment…

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  • Sean Said on October 20th, 2009 at 4 pm:

    Hi I’m bowled over by the quality and amount of your work fantastic stuff. I was wondering if you could offer any advice as I’m about to embark on a project of my own. I’m keen on the idea of replacing the keys completely on my wedge with an aluminium plate and buttons …is it as simple as soldering the relevent keys to the new buttons?? and is there an easy way of attaching pots other than gutting some old atari paddles? I’m sorry for putting this on your comments page and feel free to delete as much of this message as you wish. Any advice or links to guides would be greatly appreciated. My knowledge of electronics is pretty limited but I’ll give anything a go.

  • blogadmin Said on October 22nd, 2009 at 10 am:

    Hey thanks dude!
    Doing the buttons might be more trouble than it’s worth TBH.

    As for pots – check out the MSSIAH forum:
    I use the first diagram there. You can get the linear 470K pots from:
    I use a hacksaw to cut away the bottom right part of the keyboard so there’s room for the pots in a handy spot.

    The MSSIAH/prophet64 forum is the best place really, everyone there is happy to help.

  • Tobias Said on October 22nd, 2009 at 5 pm:


    how did you make the printing over the number keys, on other keys? It does look like factory.
    I am planning to do a CDTV-like C64 with 1541 included. Therefore I will need some professional looking printing as well. Would be cool to get some inspiration.


    Tobi from Germany

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