Aug 9

C64 GameSynth – Modified 64 with Game graphics

Fresh out of the workshop it’s…

Whatever that is!

Jul 5

KX64R – With screen & SD2IEC SD card reader

I’ve done a project page for it (with more pics) here:
And a few snaps from the inside:
Dig it!

Apr 3

Why would you want to go and do that?


Apr 2

C64 Redux Red – with Case!

Here’s another beast, I’ve been meaning to build one to match this great “Rotronics” case I picked up on ebay a while back.

The case was made by a UK company specifically for the C64 & Vic-20. They designed it so you can plug the whole thing in and just run it in the case. The [...]

Jan 11

Flashback – C64 Zero

I’m making some static project pages for my favourite machines.
Maybe you remember the C64 Zero?
More pics if you click.

Jan 5

RX-64R Monosynth style WIP – The ultimate modded 64!

“Ultimate” in that it will be the last thing ever completed. I’ve had this one in pieces and in design for a while. About 2 years. Too long? This is the shell that will house my own C64 I used to play on back in the day. (It’s a mess, it needs it, really.)
I have [...]

Dec 30

Mini-Breadbin edition.

Here’s one I call the Mini-Breadbin. Complete with the traditional dusty keys with yellowed letters!

The paint is available at Halfords called “Ford Tuscan Beige”. It’s a little er… beiger than the normal breadbin. The previous “Mashup Wedge Edition used a lighter shade.

This one is the standard mono, with the standard DIN output. The jack output [...]

Oct 17

C64-R Drummer Edition / TR-909 Tribute

I made a couple of these, as part of my drive to reduce the number of C64C shells I have scattered around.
Check it out:

I’ll be putting this up for sale later. Lots of units in progress at the moment…

Oct 17

Mashup 64

Harvesting 8580 chips is a wasteful business. A SID2SID takes 2 of these. For every chip you get you end up with an empty C64C wedge case.
I’ve been trying to come up with an aesthetically pleasing wedge case, as I have a shedload just lying around. This is my first (relatively successful) attempt.
The beige paint [...]

Sep 6

C64 Classic Re-rub

Here’s one I’ve had to whip up this week for reasons undisclosed.

I’ve stuck to the basics for the stereo sound, with the audio in on the AV out DIN replaced by the 2nd SID out, so there’s no need for any external audio connectors.

The switches on the RHS control the analogue controllers for ports 1 [...]