Jun 21

C64-B – That’s orange!

The latest – winging its way to Spain right now…

(with orange amp for props in the background)

May 14

For sale – Redux Red + Spare keyboard – more to come

on ebay!
There is also a project page with audio samples here.
also, if you’re more into the DIY stuff:

click the pic for the auction.

Apr 28

Download stuff

I’ve added a downloads page containing links to my key graphics designs and stuff. So if you’d like to make your own key sets and whatnot, it’s all there.
Also someone has put up for auction a game I made back in the day – I already have a copy so if you’d like to play [...]

Apr 15

Linking arms around the world

I’ve just added a links page to the blog site, with some other places to go to get a fix of the type of stuff I get up to here.
If you have any suggestions for other original sites to add, let me know!

Mar 4

Nothing to see here…

Sorry I’ve been a bit busy holidaying, no new posts. Couple of new developments for the future though.
In the meantime – some static project pages for the sports edition and mini-breadbin edition.

Dec 16

MSSIAH & Prophet64 Key Graphics – free download..!

Here’s an updated version of the key function graphics for the MSSIAH monosynth, sequencer and bassline apps. Just in time for christmas.

I’ve included graphics for the C64 style, C64C and C128 keys.
Notes on application
- Some “Clear Transfer Decal Paper” from ebay or a hobby shop
- Clear spray sealant
- Colour laser or inkjet printer
- C64C [...]

Sep 16

Prophecy128 Sequencer Edition!

This one is currently winging its way to Australia. It has been a long time in the making! (Thanks for waiting Matt )
Comes with the Servant 128 ROM installed, Cartridge, SID2SID and pot deactivation controllers. Double 6581R4.

Jul 20

Wilba MB-6582 finished..!

I have finally completed my very own MB-6582, 8 channel SID Synth with the following chips:
3 x 6582A
2 x 8580R5
1 x 6581R4
1 x 6581R3
1 x 6581
This is one of these projects that has been hanging around my workshop for a while.

Though I’m sure you’ve all heard of these before, full build instructions here.
I also [...]

Jun 23

CSixtyFuzz V1 – Guitar Distortion Pedal

So I’ve been sidetracked into the world so building guitar distortion pedals.
I’ve realised you can make a basic fuzz pedal sacrificing parts from a C64. A broken C64 of course! Not all the parts are there (pots for example), but there are enough to rock out with.
Here’s a casing that I whipped up for V1.

Once [...]