Aug 9

Fresh out of the workshop it’s…

Whatever that is!

Jul 5

I’ve done a project page for it (with more pics) here:

And a few snaps from the inside:

SD2IEC - reader (Click on the image for more info on this device)

1. Triggered Jack input at the top to disable external speakers when in use 2. Both output and input (grounded) have SIL spikes for modularity

Analogue controllers

Dig it!

Jun 21

The latest – winging its way to Spain right now…

(with orange amp for props in the background)

May 14

on ebay!

There is also a project page with audio samples here.

also, if you’re more into the DIY stuff:

click the pic for the auction.

Apr 28

I’ve added a downloads page containing links to my key graphics designs and stuff. So if you’d like to make your own key sets and whatnot, it’s all there.

Also someone has put up for auction a game I made back in the day – I already have a copy so if you’d like to play it – bid away!

Apr 15

I’ve just added a links page to the blog site, with some other places to go to get a fix of the type of stuff I get up to here.

If you have any suggestions for other original sites to add, let me know!


Apr 3


Apr 2

Here’s another beast, I’ve been meaning to build one to match this great “Rotronics” case I picked up on ebay a while back.

The case was made by a UK company specifically for the C64 & Vic-20. They designed it so you can plug the whole thing in and just run it in the case. The lid comes off, it has some nice foam inserts for games too. Does the job nicely.


The keys on this one are a tweak on the design I’ve put on the net. Very exclusive..!

I’ve started making my internal electrics more modular, so I can swap out the SID2SID and audio connections without soldering. I’m big on the shielded cabling too to reduce noise, and heatshrink on the joints for stability.

A bit of hot glue there too so stuff don’t jiggle out.

The “C64 Redux Red” has stereo sound which you can turn off and on using the switches on the right. There’s also a cool red glare that comes out of the right hand side. I didn’t get a photo of that though.

No unsightly jack outputs. I’ve modified the electrics so the right channel comes out of the standard C64 A/V out’s Audio in. The IN on the motherboard is grounded.

I’ll be doing another ebay blitz soon, but if anyone would like to make me a solid offer on this I’m open!

Mar 4

Sorry I’ve been a bit busy holidaying, no new posts. Couple of new developments for the future though.

In the meantime – some static project pages for the sports edition and mini-breadbin edition.

Jan 11

I’m making some static project pages for my favourite machines.

Maybe you remember the C64 Zero?

More pics if you click.